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THREE FIELDS Opening at no format, 7th March

THREE FIELDS opening at no format gallery - 7th March

‘Three Fields’ is three artists – Emma Cousin, Matthew Luck Galpin and Charles Ogilvie – and, initially, three divergent fields of artistic work with certain common principles in play. ‘Fields’, with its scientific associations and overtones of research and analysis, is specifically chosen: each artist’s practice is an investigation of the conceptual density of matter, a probing of the hidden lives of things. A ‘field’ is a physical area, too: a demarcated space, limited by actual or imagined boundaries, on or in which certain activities can take place. A field might be the flat surface of a painting, print or drawing, or a sculpture’s given area in a room, its arena, whereby it can be regarded or received. A gallery space is a field too: its walls and floors imply a framework for seeing, a viewfinder. In their own way, each one of these artists tests the limitations of the field. Here, a field (a wall, a floor, a surface) is a thing to be disrupted, punctured, occupied and activated.

Emma Cousin’s work recasts the visual world as bodily metaphor, translating discarded matter arranged in the studio into swags and loops of physical energy. Inverted ziggurats of doner kebab, or broken table-football players, or gnarled lumps of plasticine, are recreated as tragicomic residues of human activity in the world. Described in fat sworls of paint, Cousin’s chosen objects are enfeebled by gravity but energised by the act of description. Matthew Luck Galpin, meanwhile, treats the practice of making – with all its unexpected turns and unpredictable outcomes – as a way of releasing the latent potency of matter. In works that possess their spatial fields as discreetly but commandingly as shafts of light, Galpin leans sculptural forms against the gallery walls, generating a continuum between architectural, material and conceptual worlds. Architectural inversions are part of Galpin’s drawn work too, as in the work of Charles Ogilvie, whose excavations of the gallery space disclose strata of hidden information. Ogilvie’s work parallels the analysis of physical data, a staple of the scientific investigation, and the formal decisions that underpin artistic practice.  The work’s density makes it seethe with hidden energy, like a clenched fist.

Three Fields is curated by Ben Street, art historian, writer, curator and lecturer at Tate, The National Gallery, the Saatchi Gallery, Christie’s and Dulwich Picture Gallery. Ben is the co-director of Sluice Art Fair and writes for Art Review magazine.

Exhibition runs until Sunday 24th March.
Open Sat/Sun 11am - 5pm.

How to get there: http://www.noformat.co.uk/#/find-us/4559921205

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