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Three100 Fundraising for permanent, affordable studio provision in London

Like many other arts organisations operating in the capital, there are huge challenges when it comes to buying property in London. SFSA is now making the first step from tenant to owner-occupier, which means a considerable capital expense is needed to fit-out purpose built space. SFSA have already secured £63,000 from private crowdfunding and an investment loan from the Arts Impact Fund for £280,000 plus a mortgage in principal from the socially conscious investment bank, Triodos. However, SFSA is calling for help to raise a further £250,000 to help secure the future.

The Three100 Catalogue will launch to pre-registered buyers on the 27th of February giving 24 hours to secure work before the catalogue is put on general release on the 28th.

Domus are kindly hosting SFSA and pieces from our catalogue for sale in their flagship show room on Eastcastle Street (W1W 8DF) 22nd of March and will exhibit the sculptural work for a further month.

The Three100 Catalogue reflects those that SFSA Advocate for, you will see emerging and established artists and makers selling work from £400-£4,000. Also in the spirit of crowdfunding we have commissioned two original prints from two existing studio members which will form part of the Three100 sale.

In honour of our 20th year of providing affordable studios Carl Moore has created ‘The Flight of the Aubergine’ which is a limited edition print run of 200 and will sell at £95+VAT and in reflection of SFSA’a new logo evolution Kim Vousden has created ‘Tessellate’ £35+VAT. 

The catalogue for the art sale can be viewed via: 
https://www.secondfloor.co.uk/three100/pdfcatalogue.aspx Each sale returns 25% to the artist or maker with the remaining 75% supporting the purchase of the new studios in Deptford.

Along the Strandline, Paul Kenny

Matthew Wood, Founder Director of Second Floor Studios & Arts said: 
“It is now time to safeguard the future of SFSA. With the increasing pressures of the commercial and residential property market, recent government changes leading to liberalisation of planning regulations, the lack of long term building leases 
being offered that our sector can realistically afford, the increasing demands for similar workspace by other more lucrative sectors which all lead to a flattening effect on the provision of affordable studio workspace for artists and makers in the capital."

“We want to create perpetuity in what we dosecuring low-costspace for artists and makers now and for many generations to come therefore bolstering a resilient future for SFSA.”

This change has already begun with Second Floor Studios & Arts exchanging contracts on the purchase of a 250 year leasehold on 30,000 sq ft of commercial property as part of theAnthology Deptford Foundry 316 residential unit development.

SFSA will be fitting out the commercial space into 80+ purposebuilt ground and first floor studiosbringing creative sector employment space for up to 160 people to the scheme. The studios will be used by a wide range of practitioners whose practices will including; Architecture, Bookbinding, Ceramics, Drawing, Fashion & Accessories, Fine Art, Glass Fusion, Illustration, Installation, Interiors & Soft Furnishings, Jewellery & Silversmithing, Leatherwork, Millinery, Moving Image, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and  Textiles / Fashion Design & Costume.

SFSA will continue its work with outreach and widening participation by developing and delivering a programme of community engagement projects and exhibitions specifically for Deptford Foundry Studios, its members, local residents and wider communities.

Nichole Herbert Wood, Director of Second Floor Studios & Arts has curated the Three100 Catalogue of contemporary work from predominantly emerging London Artists has said.
“SFSA have advocated for artists and makers for the last 20 years, to ask those people to now help us feels counter-intuitive. Many of those who have pledged work have had to move studios three or four times in their career because of redevelopment or rent increases taking the space beyond their means. We are sincerely touched by the response we have had to our request for work. The artists are passionate to secure studio space
now and, critically for the future, to keep their presence in London. The Three100 collection has piercing original view points from each artist and maker and the common factor is the caliber and execution of the work.”

If you are an art collector and would like to pre-register for the catalogue, giving you 24 hours to buy before general release please contact nichole@secondfloor.co.uk

2017 sees Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA) celebrating its 20th year of providing affordable studios for artists, craft and designer makers. Since its establishment in 1997 SFSA have supported thousands of practitioners with that most crucial element needed in which to develop their creative ideas, studio space. The individual space needed to research, experiment and make work. But SFSA is far more than the physical studio offered, it’s a community of members, a vibrant hub of creative exchange, collaboration, peer support, mentoring, education and outreach

What do the artists have to say about why they are supporting Three100?

‘Cities like London thrive on diversity, all sorts of diversity, this needs the space to facilitate and grow cultural and artistic capital. Different economic models need to be accommodated in our built infrastructure, not simply a highest price achievable model. Artistic enterprise and innovation needs physical and economic space to breathe and evolve.’ Dr David Gates, SFSA Member.

‘Affordable and secure artists' studios in London are becoming increasingly rare. Second Floor Studios are developing a more sustainable professional environment for artists, and I am happy to support their hard work to ensure that all artists have a creative future in London.’ Charley Peters, Cell Studios, London.

'With affordable space for artists ever diminishing around London any initiatives to create opportunity are to be respected and supported’ Peter Saville 

‘In just over two years since graduating I am already on my third studio in London. They are hard to find at an affordable rate and incredibly hard to keep. Offering spaces at a fixed price and for the long term seems like a good cause to support. I also recently had to leave a space in Deptford that had no fixed term lease and prices too high for my budget so I welcome the idea of something fixed to replace it.’ Olivia Kemp, Art Hub, London.

‘Matthew and Nichole have worked tirelessly to establish affordable and secure studio space for artist and crafts people in a climate where many are being forced out of London due to impossible property prices. I want to support them because they genuinely believe in the value of art and the positive impact it has on the world we live in.’ Marilyn Durkin, SFSA member.

I moved here from Chicago to study for my MA and, whilst I feel so fortunate to be an artist living and working in London for the sense of community and opportunity I found here, it gets harder every year to stay.  Sadly, my studio is a place of instability for me; I have been moved on by developers and/or disproportionate rent increases several times over the last few years and each move disrupts my practice tremendously.  The work Nichole and Matthew is doing is critical for artists trying to work in London and I am very happy to be a part of her efforts to support the arts community here. Rebecca Byrne.

“Matthew and Nichole have been helping artists like myself find our feet for years, now its our turn to help them in the only way we know how.” Daniel Hosego, Ex SFSA Studio Member. 

‘Although I do not have a Second Floor Studios, since 1984 I have benefitted from renting affordable studios in London, in my case from Acme. With the insatiable redevelopment by property developers, of sites that would previously have been rented to artists, I am happy to help to raise funds for affordable studio provision. Otherwise there will be little if any affordable studio provision in London for future generations of artists.’ Janet Tod, ACME Studios.

‘Affordable artist’s studios in London are becoming increasingly rare in a market that is lead by squeezing as much rental profit out of every square foot as possible. This attitude of government, councils and developers is shortsighted and woefully neglects the crucial role the arts plays in the both the economy and the cultural life of this country.’ Clare Chapman.

‘Having experienced the impossibility of finding affordable studio space in London I am very happy to support such a great cause.’ Mary Winter

Creativity needs to be kept alive, and artists need affordable places to produce their work because, art is not only an aesthetic expression - it is a portal into how one views the world. Alison Riordian

“It is increasingly challenging for artists to find affordable and secure studio spaces in London. There is a lack of understanding and support from the government to protect the rights of artist and encourage us to practice in the capital city. I have experienced this first hand. I applaud Second Floors commitment to provide studio spaces for an artists lifetime and hope that myself and my peers benefit from this scheme. I hope it spearheads many more whilst encouraging the local authorities to offer more support. Good luck!’ Fiona Grady

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