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Hannah Cushion

Hannah Cushion

My work is concerned with issues of preservation and archiving, using traditional methods of preservation in unconventional ways such as shirts ‘preserved’ in salt and photographs ‘preserved’ in wax....

no format Archive 2018

Bruce Ingram
Broken Pictures


For London-based artist Bruce Ingram, studio debris provides both the reference and the raw materials for the creation of abstract compositions that rely on chance juxtapositions and experimentation. Ingram’s works reference a modernist concern with shape and form, often blurring the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract. 

A Change in Weather - Seasonal Art Ecosystems

A Change in Weather – Seasonal Art Ecosystem is a residency that wishes to investigate and discuss the physical, social and institutional role of the art gallery. During the first two weeks, artists Eleni Odysseos and Paul Gaudet will be residing at no format Gallery, taking over the space. After sharing a studio for a year, they are now coming together in a collaborative approach, to further explore the limits of painting, and social installation-making. Through imaginative story-telling, the paintings will slowly unravel in a cacophony of voices, overlapping bodies, confusing the timeline of a reliable present.


Eleni Odysseos (born in Famagusta, Cyprus) is currently completing an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2016-2018). // Paul Gaudet (born in U.S.) received a BFA in painting at Massachusetts College of Art in Design (2013) and an MFA from Goldsmiths College (2018). // Oana is currently undergoing an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths College, University of London. // Tea Gradassi is an Italian curator that has recently moved to London. In the past years, she worked for Premio Combat Prize and collaborated with various art festivals.


Hamish Macaulay & Sean Worrall

Makers Mark
Curated by Daniel Huckfield

This exhibition brings together a diverse range of artists and makers, all of who are interested in the ‘touch’ of the artist. 
Both the presence and the absence of the artist’s ‘touch’ will be explored in this mixed media exhibition. @makersmarkshow



Curated By Oana Damir
Let’s Talk About Tomorrow brings together works by contemporary artists Beatriz Creel, Liselotte Klint, Sara Rodrigues and Panicattack Duo collective. Hosted at No Format gallery in South East London, the show unravels in a visual installation of Beatriz’s The Land That Does Not Yet Exist, with her The New Humanity video (2017) as a dystopian manifesto addressed to the ‘new humanity’. Land that does not yet exist is a sculpture of steel representing an abstract form of a land that could exist in the future. This land is a place where everything is ideal, where the ‘new humanity’ has found plenitude.

Toby Ursell
Insubstantial Pageant


‘In Insubstantial Pageant Toby Ursell take snippets of a very European tradition of painting as his ‘motif’- or a guide of where to put the paint. Perhaps portraits of portraits, the work may contain a dry humour though is not meant as parody or irony but more a celebration- an acknowledgement of a debt. Each painting is like a little confession, a nod to a romanticism Ursell knows he can no longer indulge in, yet does’

Nicky Hodge
low plains drifter

Nicky Hodge’s recent paintings take Drift, Raoul de Keyser’s final show at David Zwirner in London in 2015, as a starting point.  The exhibition revisited some of the subjects that preoccupied de Keyser throughout his near 50-year career including paintings inspired by the Belgian lowlands where he lived all his life, as well as purely abstract works that interrogate the activity of painting itself.

In Low Plains Drifter, Nicky Hodge shows small abstract paintings in acrylic that jostle together in small groups or pairs creating meaning through their interrelationships and their playful titles.


Unfamiliar Shift
Rory Beard / Lucy Turner / Shuaiting Li / Irene Adorni / Charlie Yetton


Unfamiliar Shift is a group show that aims to deepen our concept of space, the perception we have of it and how our direct physical and mental action can create a shift that changes the space itself and reveals something that, until a moment before, we were not familiar with. The viewer becomes an activating element of this shift and therefore there relationship with the work and with the space created within the work is fundamental.

Michael Coppelov
Ten Years too Late


As the title suggests,Ten Years Too Late is a show that jokes at the artist Michael Coppelov’s decision to take a decade-long hiatus from art production after his MFA, which he finished in 2008. 

The decade-long break is, thankfully, not strictly true. Rather, it marks a significant point of emergence into London's art scene, having moved here twelve months ago after having spent three months at an artist residency in remote northern Iceland. 

Ten Years Too Late is an exhibition of new paintings and sculptures, produced in late 2017 and early 2018 and all based on the concept of interconnection and networked utopias. The paintings hanging on the walls are paintings of the sculptures that sit on top of nearby plinths. Furthermore, the sculptures themselves are made from his dissected paintings. All the works in the show reference one another, suggesting that they’re all part of a mad interconnected world. This interconnectedness is the central concern in the artist’s work. He is fascinated by the idea that the whole world is interconnected in a way too impossible to fully grasp.

Andrew Smith
Colour Equilibrium

Colour Equilibrium features new work by Andrew Smith. Focusing on the perception of colour, his paintings explore the visual dynamic of taut shape and motif with ranges of colour juxtaposition that align our perception with a seemingly simple image environment.


David Surman
Paintings for the Cat Dimension

The exhibition showcases a selection of recent paintings from a focused series investigating the motif of the cat.



Deepa Chudasama / Janet Currier / Chrissie Stewart

The surface of a canvas/paper is a tangible, material manifest. It is below the surface, the unconscious mind that drives this manifestation. Three women artists come together exploring both the materiality and performitivity of their practice and the interior world that drives it.


Gill Houghton
Letters III       


Steve Burden
Made from Deptford 
'inspired by his childhood growing up on the Pepys Estate in Deptford, South London, Steve investigates dystopian themes and ideas associated with British housing estates.'


January 2018
Freya Douglas Ferguson / Anna Garrett / Caroline Milster
Fluid. Feminine. Unrestrained.


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