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15 August 2018
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Site Visit for SFSA at Anthology Deptford Foundry

It was an exciting time last week for SFSA Director, Nichole Herbert Wood who was visiting the construction site of Anthology’s Deptford Foundry 316 unit development scheme, Arklow Road, Lewisham, and home to Second Floor Studios new 80 + purpose built studios due to open late autumn 2018.

Featured Member

Ingrid Yllo

Ingrid Yllo

I am a traditionally trained dress tailor with a degree in Costume Design, and am fascinated by the space between costume, art and fashion. I really enjoy to work with monochromatic texture and shape...

Featured Member

Yuli Hirano

Yuli Hirano

Yuli graduated with a degree in Art & Design from The London College of Fashion London, specializing in Knitwear & Textile Design. Her love of experimenting with all tactile mediums led her to develop...

no format Gallery

SFSA curate and programme no format Gallery. The gallery programme supports artists, craft makers and designers, curators, students, local schools and colleges, and other arts organisations through exhibitions, talks, studio visits, and other events.

If you would like further information or have interest to submit a proposal please contact:
Matthew Wood e: m: 07946554574

no format
Gallery, Arch 29, Rolt Street, Deptford, London, SE8 5JB

Image: no format Gallery, Painting Open, Preview 2017


A Change in Weather - Seasonal Art Ecosystems

Residency 06 - 16 August
Preview Friday 17 August
Exhibition 18 - 22 August

A Change in Weather – Seasonal Art Ecosystem is a residency that wishes to investigate and discuss the physical, social and institutional role of the art gallery. During the first two weeks, artists Eleni Odysseos and Paul Gaudet will be residing at no format Gallery, taking over the space. After sharing a studio for a year, they are now coming together in a collaborative approach, to further explore the limits of painting, and social installation-making. Through imaginative story-telling, the paintings will slowly unravel in a cacophony of voices, overlapping bodies, confusing the timeline of a reliable present.


Eleni Odysseos (born in Famagusta, Cyprus) is currently completing an MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London (2016-2018). Her paintings, often shown on their own or accompanied by an audio piece, explore isolation, power structures (i.e. control, tales of leisure and consumerism), and their affect and authority on our bodies. Dying birds, muddy backgrounds, suggestive landscapes, decaying flowers, deteriorating bodies, domesticated dogs and flamboyant flamingos act as signifiers that, when positioned together, generate abstract narratives. This is her way of exploring the construction of our subjective realities and meaning-making in our post-truth condition.

Paul Gaudet (born in U.S.) received a BFA in painting at Massachusetts College of Art in Design (2013) and an MFA from Goldsmiths College (2018).With his work he tries to capture the essence of memory and story telling. Due to the constant flow of information through social media and multiple news sources, the way we understand information and construct narrative is continually changing and more often than not incomplete. In these gaps of completion, it allows any one person to fill in the space and create the narrative for themselves which breeds a generation of post truth and fake news rhetoric, allowing for ignorance and falsifications to be perceived as truth.

Oana Damir is an independent curator based in London. She founded Vagabond, a mobile project space, and self-funded and curated several exhibitions within the platform from 2014 to present. As part of her academic research, Oana is questioning the intersection of art and animal studies, and if contemporary art can bridge the gap between aesthetic form and resolution. This is a strand of her long-term research project of investigating anthropocentric implications in contemporary art. Oana is currently undergoing an MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Tea Gradassi is an Italian curator that has recently moved to London. In the past years, she worked for Premio Combat Prize and collaborated with various art festivals. She curated the solo exhibition of Alessio Zemoz, Because My Name is George.Tea has always been interested in the contamination between past and present, tradition and innovation. Her current research is focused on investigating the use of craft in contemporary art practice, both from an aesthetic and sociological point of view. 


Broken Pictures

Preview Friday 7thSeptember 6 – 9pm
Exhibition continues Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th // Friday 14th - Sunday 16th September. 
Gallery open 11 - 6pm  

For London-based artist Bruce Ingram, studio debris provides both the reference and the raw materials for the creation of abstract compositions that rely on chance juxtapositions and experimentation. Ingram’s works reference a modernist concern with shape and form, often blurring the boundaries between the figurative and the abstract. 

In this exhibition, Ingram will present collaged works on paper alongside a new series of wall-based works that explore the boundary between painting and sculpture. This new series of ‘relief’ works are made from off-cuts of wood and found materials. Ingram is attracted to the randomness of finding readymade shapes; discarded and salvaged materials often providing a starting point to further explore surface and form. Through the process of play with these materials in the studio, pieces are assembled and morphed together. Ingram chooses to physically edit his works by collapsing and joining works together, producing outcomes that are a manifestation of starting points and compositions. 

‘Broken Pictures’, acknowledges the fragmentation and deconstructive nature of Ingram’s studio process. Scattered across the gallery walls, the works on display will shift from the traditional confines of the picture plane into exaggerated shapes and compositions that play between image and form.

Rosalind Davis & Justin Hibbs in collaboration
Border Controls

Preview: Thursday 20th September 5-8.30pm
Open 2-7pm: Friday 21st- Sat 22nd and Fri 28th- Sat 29th September. Or open by appointment.

Saturday 29th September Closing event - Artists in Conversation with guest speakers 6-8.30pm. #Bordercontrol 

‘Artistic production is nodal, networked, and a perpetually unfinished project, things nudging each other, domino effects transpiring. The real-world analogue of this is that in an artist’s studio, it’s always a transitional moment: the detached artwork as standalone statement is a falsity, a piece of theatre. In reality, one thing leads to another, all kinds of ambient forces shaping what’s made’(Martin Herbertfrom the text ‘Between Before and After’ to accompany Justin Hibbs Exhibition ‘Alias Re-Covered’ Carroll/Fletcher 2015). 

Within the shadow of increasingly restricted borders and political control, regarding migration and the increasing isolationism seen both here in the UK (with Brexit) as well as the wider geographical concerns in Europe and America, Border Controlsis an exhibition featuring two artists who engender a sense of permeable boundary and threshold. The personal and political dimensions of art-making and authorship can be seen as pertinent to wider social concerns and questions that address the dynamics of power, autonomy and control:

Does power reside in imposing control or is it defined by allowing other voices in?
Can ceding control to plurality of authorship become generative / empowering?
Where and how do we draw boundaries and what might constitute a border less work?
Can an enriched society exist within a context of fixed boundaries, confines and limitations?


Davis and Hibbs are artists who have collaborated informally for several years. These collaborations have centred around shared themes, overlapping research interests and ongoing conversations into one another’s practices and curatorial projects. Both have independent careers but also are a couple who share a studio, where the inevitable questions arise about how and where to set boundaries. For their exhibition at no format gallery, Davis and Hibbs create an installation that brings together multiple strands of their practices into direct dialogue with one other. Within the parameters of the gallery neither artists work can be negotiated without experiencing reflections of the other within them.

OCTOBERRobert Fitzmaurice
Companion Pieces

04 - 14 October

In a body of new work created especially for this exhibition Robert Fitzmaurice will advance some of the themes and motifs which have preoccupied him in recent years (both conceptually and pictorially). In a selection of painting, collage and sculpture ideas of the double, the diptych, the doppelgänger, sibling rivalry, and other pictorial tautologies will find formal resonance through his growing interest in uniting disparate techniques, processes and materials.

Simon Brewster / Francesca Busca / Andrea Coltman / Samuel L Herbert / Rita Isaacs / Ian Monroe / Carolyn Morris / Venetia Nevill / Amy Pearce Buzzard / Jane Pickersgill / Fiona G Roberts / Monique Wan and Yuting Wang

Plymouth College of Art


Bonnie Kirkwood

Sylwia Narbutt


Don't walk walk gallery - Take over

SFSA Painting Open

Arch 29 closes and we relocate no format Gallery within our permanent Studio Project, Arklow Road, Deptford.

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What's on - no format Gallery

New no format Gallery / project space.
Arch 29, Rolt Street, Deptford

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Anthology Deptford Foundry

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