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05 December 2019
Opening this evening 6-9pm @noformatgallery sfsapaintingopen2019 50 artists 100 paintings All welcome

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Site Visit for SFSA at Anthology Deptford Foundry

It was an exciting time last week for SFSA Director, Nichole Herbert Wood who was visiting the construction site of Anthology’s Deptford Foundry 316 unit development scheme, Arklow Road, Lewisham, and home to Second Floor Studios new 80 + purpose built studios due to open late autumn 2018.

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Hannah Cushion

Hannah Cushion

My work is concerned with issues of preservation and archiving, using traditional methods of preservation in unconventional ways such as shirts ‘preserved’ in salt and photographs ‘preserved’ in wax....

Featured Member

Agata Pec

Agata Pec

Agata Pec is a professional photographer based West London, UK. She graduated from Polish Film School in 2009 with a BA degree in Photography. In her fine art work Agata explores various topics,...

no format Gallery

SFSA curate and programme no format Gallery. 
The gallery programme supports artists, craft makers and designers, curators, students, local schools and colleges, and other arts organisations through exhibitions, talks, studio visits, and other events.

If you would like further information or have interest to submit a proposal please contact:
Matthew Wood e: m: 07946554574

no format
Gallery, Studio NF01, Casting House, Moulding Lane, Deptford SE14 6BN

November 2019



on the road

What happens when painting begins to contaminate reality and to model it, when it anticipates it to the point that the real no longer has time to be produced? The abstract painting in this exhibition displays a reality - the artistic process connecting the viewer to the physicality of the studio. The brush marks, cuts and joins all reveal a world of ideas and decisions, successes and failures, and impose a personality. There is no illustrative nature in the process, nothing being depicted, instead a creeping of reality from the world around us.

This presentation highlights a connection with the material nature of painting, a sensitivity towards its fundamentals and the fabric of our surroundings. Embracing subtle incidental marks, chance spills, imperfections in the materials and in their handling, every nuance becomes a vital element in the charged field of the surface. Intuition plays a crucial role in the image-making process, with moments of unmediated action interspersed with periods of contemplation. The gesture becomes the dominant and controlling force both in the generation and conceptual structure of the work. Embodying the artist's immediate response to the material, it sets in motion a sequence of marks and countermarks that can't be predicted or repeated. The resulting artworks act as traces of activity, exposing modes and systems the artists utilise to connect with subject and object.

Struan TeagueUsing extremely simple pictorial materials and media, Teague delves into the unexplored possibilities of their combinations in large and small formats. Teague’s works originate as intuitions that come to him in a state of free- floating attention and meditation and take shape in the plastic materialisation of unconscious flows, in an unpredictable creative process marked by the clear-cut absence of predetermined methods. He creates self-referential visual languages where the automatism of the lines, the doodles, the gestures, the small dabs of colour on textured grounds and the off-centre compositions open up spaces of physicality and possibility that defy critical dogmatism, conceptual rationalism and language as mere communication, occupying its fringes to maintain an inexhaustible poetic unfolding.

Oliver GuyonGuyon makes work that explores the materials of painting, in all its facets. With the application of process-specific methodologies, the works expose the nature of painterly materials. They are surfaces that bridge the gap between artwork and wall, through an exploration of the tension between two-dimensional image and three-dimensional object. Gesture is used as a device to amplify the tactility of the subject matter, be it through the gesture of an object or paint itself. Informed by the values of integrity surrounding minimalism and monochromatic painting, the works examine the relationship between support system, ground, surface and colour. Deconstructing painting into its retrospective parts, he challenges the preconceived notion of what a painting can be.

Frederic AndersonAnderson's work captures the immediacy and nuance of quick sketches and annotations in large-scale abstract paintings. Sparse, dissonant arrangements of sprayed lines over saturated colour fields operate as speculative observations. From a distance the paintings resound with emptiness yet close inspection reveals an active surface filled with subtle deletions, different registers and indexical traces of their construction. Sinewy scrawled lines recede back through layers of adaptation and censorship, shaping an idea as yet unformed. Anderson engages with a fragmentary process that echoes the weathered urban environment, in which the quick expressionistic gestures of graffiti are constantly erased, revised and appended.

Tim RalstonRalston’s paintings are concerned with our connection to the landscape, the ideology of looking and our relationship to and augmentation of our surroundings. They aim to develop a relationship to the specious nature of landscape painting throughout art history and examine what it can be now. Tim Ralston makes large oil on panel paintings that are informed by the construction process of the wooden support and the preparation of the grounds. The works are built site-specifically, informed by the context of the exhibition. Acting as an abstraction of the landscape through an open engagement with making. The urban environment is not superficial subject matter but inspiration in the form of energy, an immersion in the lived experience of the city.

December 2019
SFSA Painting Open

no format Gallery closes for 2019 22nd of December. Re opening 13th January 2020. Thank you to everyone who has exhibited, visited and been involved in some way with our gallery over 2019.

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What's on - no format Gallery

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Casting House, Arklow Road (Moulding Lane)
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Anthology Deptford Foundry
Anthology Deptford Foundry

SFSA acquired 250 year leasehold for 80 new purpose built artists' and craft and designer maker studio workspaces at Anthology Deptford Foundry

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Wembley Park Studios

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