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About Artist

Art to me is a reflection of the spirit of the times, the very definition of the term Zeitgeist. Every time I create a piece it is a reflection of something from that time, from that moment. It is a way of documenting. I strive to avoid censorship so that I may progress in my ability to express and relate through my work each time I create a new piece.
The last four themes that I have exhibited have been consciously chosen for specific social themes, which were of interest to me. I like to work in series as I feel this allows me to express and tell a story about the chosen subject matter more completely. The themes I have focused on in the series of works I have produced to date include race, identity, sexuality, relationships and domestic violence. In my practice, I aim to produce something uninhibited by moral or aesthetic preoccupations.
I have now begun to explore social media with drawings and concept sketches as I am passionate about its relevance and influence on the existence of so many people across the globe, from a personal and a business perspective.
Being self-taught means that my technique is somewhat instinctive and the consequence is a body of work, which is free from traditional artistic rules. As a scientist at heart, I am obsessive about research, which means that I am on a constant quest to learn more about my craft.
The point is to produce work which is as honest and true as possible in that moment. By reflecting the spirit of our times, I hope to engage the viewer with the work on more than just a visual level. I hope to engage the viewer on an emotional and intellectual level. The way I think about my work can be seen as an ode to the artist who started my passion for art and by whom I am still heavily influenced. Frida Kahlo.


Solo Exhibitions

2011: Work on permanent display at Hotel Locanda, Venice, Italy
2009: Solo show Soho, with National Centre for Domestic Violence charity (NCDV) London, UK
2008: Solo show “Supermodels” Nolia’s Gallery Southwark UK
2008: Solo show. “Black Lipstick” Clapham UK
2008: Solo show. “Black Lipstick” Bernie Grant Art center UK
2006: Solo show “Black Brits” Islington UK
2005: solo show Buffalo film festival Clapham UK


Joint Exhibitions

2009: Group show Opera Gallery Budapest Hungary
2009: Group show Rich Mix, Brick Lane UK
2009: Group show. Screen Nation Awards Bafta, Piccadilly UK
2007: Group show. I2U gallery Ladbrook Grove UK
2006: Group show Francophone Space African Arts Portsmouth UK



I am interested in working on public art projects.

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