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Amy Oliver

Studio Member - Deptford

About Artist

I am a conceptual artist and draw upon my own experiences of mental health, women’s rights and identity, and social and political conditions as the catalyst for my work. I have shown pieces in group shows internationally including Amsterdam, Athens, Berlin, Edinburgh, London, Tokyo and Venice. 
I use mannequins, my own sculptures and digital manipulation to construct photo art - my intention being to create subtle images in which the subject matter is almost secondary and conversely more intense; to express vulnerability and instability but also allude to the fundamental core strength within - in an attempt to capture the fragility of self. I enjoy taking an experimental approach with both materials and reference, responding in unconventional ways and pushing their (and my) boundaries; and unearthing discarded, lost and forgotten items and using them to construct something else entirely, bringing a new dimension to their existence.

At age 44, after completing an administrative role on the UK Government's Modern Slavery Evidence Review, I began my creative journey by enrolling on a part-time one year Certificate in Sculpture with The Art Academy, London (2014/15). Aside from that course I am predominantly self-taught; and I have been a member of ArtCan since April 2017. 

I am drawn to and inspired by the subjective work and language of artists such as Schiele, Dumas and Emin, as well as countless well known and lesser known artists - many of whom I've been lucky enough to connect with via social media.


Joint Exhibitions

11 - 15 May 2018
'Nostalgia' by Artnumber23, TOON, 1056 EC Amsterdam, Netherlands (showing Flashback and She Dances)
16 - 31 May 2018
'Unspoken' by Sweet Art, The Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, London (showing Emotional Baggage)
25 May 2017 (one night only)
'Ich Will' (Rammstein themed club night) by 8 Music Group, Nightclub Kolis, London (showing various mannequin pieces)
2 February - 30 March 2018
'Square Peg' by ArtCan at Circle Gallery, Sheffield (showing Passage of Time)
9 - 11 March 2018
An 'Illuminate Herstory' exhibition, Bernard Sunley Building, St Catherine's College, University of Oxford (showing The Women Fought)
27 February - 4 March 2018
'Pink' by Clouds Art Coffee, 25-4,Koenjikita, 2-Chome Suginami, Tokyo (showing Kiss)
18 - 21 January 2018
'Intent' by Cultivate at BMST Space, Dalston, London (showing Tool Box and You Do It To Yourself)
July 2017 - January 2018
44 Artworks @ 44 Hallam Street by ArtCan, Hallam Street Conference Centre, London (showing Rose)
November 2017
'What is the Point?' by ArtCan, Camden Image Gallery, London (showing Hope)
October | November 2017
'Monochrome' by Merge-Arts, The Cafe Gallery, Islington Arts Factory, London (showing Tell Me About It I & II)
October 2017
'TRIBE17' by Chrom-Art, The Bargehouse, Oxo Wharf Tower, London (showing A Different Manifestation of Love)
September 2017
'Appearance of...' by ArtCan, A&D Gallery, London (showing (Just) Out of Reach)
An Art Event by Nasty Women UK, Stour Space, Hackney Wick, London (showing Smile Love! #shutthefuckup
'FemFest' by Sweet 'Art in partnership with Ugly Duck, Tanner Street, London (showing Life Death and Everything Inbetween II and The Print)
Mental Health Charity Fundraising Auction by Chilli Studios at Holy Biscuit Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (donating Shackled)
August 2017
'Stimulus' by Artnumber23, Menier Gallery, London (showing A Product of Insomnis, Life Death & Everything Inbetween - The Print, and Sore Throat)
July 2017
'State of Mind' by Lou Gilmore-George, Northallerton, North Yorks (showing Shackled)
June 2017
'Stimulus' by Artnumber23, Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, Athens (showing A Product of Insomnis, Life Death & Everything Inbetween - The Print, and Sore Throat)
'Interact' by Cultivate at Coate, London (showing Bound by my own Guard and My feet hurt)
May | June 2017
'Stimulus' by Artnumber23, Greenhouse, Berlin (showing A Product of Insomnis, Life Death & Everything Inbetween - The Print, and Sore Throat)
March | April 2017
'At This Point In Time' by WITP, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh (showing Bound by my own Guard)
March 2017
'T'ART' by Sweet Art, Pearl & Bones Gallery, London (showing Enough. Period)
November 2016
'Gluttony' by Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans, Herts (showing There will be blood)
October 2016
East Kent Artists' Open House weekends, Margate, Kent
'Humans' by Made In.. Art Gallery, Venice, Italy (showing Wear it better and Silence)
September | October 2016
'The Nude' by Candid Arts Trust, Islington, London (showing Disjointed Fore - piece since destroyed)
'MEWS #2 Routes' by Jakbox, Camden, London (showing Cord)
August 2016
Blair Zaye Presents 'Exposed', Ben Oakley Gallery, Greenwich, London (showing Complete)
June 2016
'Breakfast in Beirut' by Artiki Eventi, Treviso, Italy (showing Beneath my Mask)

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