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Furrah Syed

About Artist

Not only can the flow of energy be felt, but it can also be seen by our eyes and touched by our hands.
This fascinates me and is the reason why my practice is concerned with an abstract transformation of the intangible flow of energy into Colour, Movement and Texture.
This gives me the freedom to create an abstract world in which viewers can undertake an uninhibited journey using their imagination as a vehicle to navigate through a minefield of energetic and vivid colours, fluid movement and heavy textures.
I encourage viewers to engage with my work by choosing their own perspective. As I deliberately choose not to sign the front of any of my canvases, all my paintings can be mounted in any orientation; each rotation presents the viewer with an alternative perspective to explore. I elevate the viewer's experience to the next level by subtlety using metallic paints to highlight the dramatic effect the changing light has on my works; thus offering a further level of intensity and energy with each rotation.
From an unexpected source, I discovered that we can physically feel the energies of colours. We are all able to recognise the warmth of a Red or the coolness from a Blue...without the need for sight. This knowledge of colour recognition and my approach to art inspired me to design and develop a unique art appreciation workshop for the blind and partially sighted, which I have been fortunate enough to deliver to various organisations across the globe.
I conduct personal workshops as well as work with corporate clients. I also lecture on my specialist subject, work with a number of charities and teach in mainstream schools.


Solo Exhibitions

2011 - London, UK
2010 - Melbourne, Australia
2009 - London, UK
2009 - Hong Kong
2008 - Bangalore, India


Joint Exhibitions

2007 - to date: Various joint exhibitions, mostly in UK but also some further afield in Asia and Australia.



Yes I am available for commissioned work. I can be contacted via fs@furrahsyed.com to arrange a consultation.



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