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Iavor Lubomirov
Iavor Lubomirov

Iavor Lubomirov
Iavor Lubomirov

Iavor Lubomirov

About Artist

My practice falls within multiple remits and disciplines, straddling sculpture, printmaking, animation, drawing, painting and architecture. I use stacks of thin material, such as paper, card, or film, and hand-cut each sheet individually, accumulating small variations, so that the cuboid of the stack of paper is transformed into a unique, curved, three-dimensional shape. Much of my work uses the grid to explore the role of the hand of the artist in production of art. For me, the need for a precise structure is not an end in itself, but a way of containing and inviting chance, just beyond the edge of human ability. My work explores notions of making that are not couched in nostalgia, but are part of a larger resurgent discussion about craftsmanship and the role of the artist in the production of work. I grow my sculptural pieces through a slow and laborious process of layering of grids drawn on thin materials, creating a spatial distortion of flat geometry. The resulting objects are both animate and static and give in solid form a glimpse into the wholeness of time.


Joint Exhibitions

July 'Perfectionsim', Griffin Gallery, London
June Annual Design-Week Show, ArtKapsule, London

May ‘Collateral Drawing’, Beton7, Athens
May 'A5', Art Athina, Athens
February ‘Collateral Drawing’, PCA, Plymouth
October ‘Multiplied Art Fair 2013’, Christie’s, London
June ‘Summer Exhibition 2013’, Royal Academy, London
June ‘The Opinion Makers’, Enclave Gallery, London
January ‘SUBLET’, London Art Fair, London
October ‘ALTER’ Vegas Gallery, London
August ‘Read Between The Lines’ ITV Studios, London
April 'All Hail' Angus-Hughes Gallery, London
June ‘Lubomirov & Batiste’ The Magnificent Basement, London
March ‘On CDOs and Double Clubs’ August Art Gallery, London
October ‘Art in the Car Park’ CCP Gallery, Liverpool
September ‘Fresh Air Machine’ Calvert 22 Gallery, London
November ‘Artists for 2012’ 491 Gallery, London
July ‘Deviant Art Festival’ Konsthallen, Trollhätten,Sweden
June ‘Summer Exhibition 2007’ Royal Academy, London


http:// www.iavor.co.uk

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