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My paintings are concerned with the struggle to fit a gesture within the boundaries of the surface; considering the close ratios of brush to the board and how each limits the potential of the other. Tension is created on the surface through the colour variation of the brush mark and its resulting negative space. The monochrome stacks allowed me to investigate the subtle differences in colour and texture. This contrast of colour and finish integrates ideas of minimalism and industrial-made objects with man-made gestures.
I use studies on paper to help materialize ideas. Blending of colours and playing with translucency has been a new interest, since departing from my paintings and moving to screen printing. The triangle is a far more complex shape than it first appears, this factor intrigues me and presented me with a starting point for my screen prints to develop. I enjoy playing with proportions and compositions. The simple shift of the triangle illuminates the two colours used to create the main mass colour. Stripping back the process of screen printing integrates my interests of minimalism and colour study. Like a step by step guide to mixing colour. 2 + 2 = 4


Joint Exhibitions

4th March 2015 ‘Doppelgänger’ at No Format Gallery, London
2014 ‘MiAL Winter Collection’ at The Lethaby Gallery, London
2014 ‘Silent Auction’ at No Format Gallery, London
2014 ‘Bigger, Brighter, Bolder’ MiAL at UAL Showroom, London
2014 ‘Artpendo’ – The Sassoon Gallery, London
2013 ‘Open Studios’ – Second Floor Studios & Arts, London 2013 'Century' – WiP at Earls Court, London 2013 'Malachite Dark & Pudding Stack' - Made in Arts London, London 2013 'Ways of seeing' MiAL Emerging Artists Showcase - Affordable Art Fair, London 2013 'Criss Cross' - Lyon Space, London 2013 'Blood Orange & Blue Note Stack' - Kinnarps, London 2013 'Untitled Swirl' - Philips Research, Cambridge 2013 'Chestnut, Reef, Brick and Shock Red Stack' - Connection, London 2012 'November Artists' – MiAL at The Other Art Fair, London 2012 'Six from Twelve' - Public House Projects, London 2012 'South East Art Feast' - Utrophia, London 2012 'BA Painting Summer Show' - Camberwell College of Art, London 2011 Ben Oakley Gallery, London 2011 'Peek Show' - Biscuit Factory, London 2011 'They Work with Words' - Flat Time l-lo/The John Latham Foundation and Archive, London
2010 'No Means No and Yes Means Painting' - Camberwell College of Art, London 2008 'Exhibition' - Batley School of Fine Art and Design, Dewsbury



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